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Old houses refurbishment
Old houses refurbishmentRehabilitación MasiasRehabilitació Masies

Few buildings within rural plots have been used in ages as residential related to agricultural business no matter their current status. There are two possible uses for such constructions: Rural Tourism Housing If the option chosen is Rural Tourism that could also include the costumers’ housing type.  

Farm cottages
Farm cottagesEdificación RuralMasets

Masets are constructions used for the leisure of the families within an agricultural plot At this moment a planning update is being manage by the Administration so the rural building shall be ruled properly The codes are planned to be applied among the territories of the following local regions: Terra Alta, Ribera d’Ebre, Montsià i […]

Village houses
Village housesCasas de puebloCases de poble

Buildings within the town grid which require full refurbishment tasks to reach the habitability and comfort features required by the relevant codes. In this case to manage the planning permission is much easier and faster since it is only the Council who issues the license. The documents requested to manage a Project such that is: […]

Old House in Sant Julià
Old House in Sant JuliàMasia a Sant JuliàMasià a Sant Julià

The Project mainly focuses in rebuilding the existing construction. That job is done to keep the traditional architecture of these rooms. Then the windows’ holes keep the original sizes and their metal frames match the stone facing. The walls’ structure is fixed unless there are up to collapse then they need to be demolished and […]


The project focuses in retrieving the original size and shape of the former construction. The architects suggest taking away the mezzanine room from the main construction in order to retrieve the sense of the sloping roof. The attached volume should hold the storage, bathroom and facilities’ room and leave the main room for the leisure […]

Huix House
Huix HouseCasa HuixCasa Huix

The proposal seeks to solve three preliminary issues, a view less ground floor, a very short width between side walls (a bit over 3 meters) and views available from the second floor only. All the available space must be taken as a whole but the private rooms which shall be designed as boxes. The glass […]