Mas the Guiams is a ‘Masia’ built in a rural plot. It had a farming use specially focused in growing the vineyards which surrounded the house. Its current status is tumbledown.

The Project focuses in recovering the current construction and the attached footprints on the ground floor. The project’s aims are the accommodation for the owners and to run a Tourism business related to the wine.

The new layout is developed as it follows.

It is a three story building. The second floor is used for the owners as their residential rooms. The first floor holds three bedrooms and bathrooms a piece and finally the ground floor has the shared rooms such the kitchen, lounge and dining areas. Attached to these spaces are two small apartments so families can be accommodated in. It is also suggested to build a basement very useful to host the facilities. In addition a gym is added in this floor.

The main features to preserve are the existing size of the main construction and the current footprint of the former corrals.

The second request is to keep whether it is possible the current stone walls’ layout. It has been agreed with the architectural department to leave the stone wall at the entrance of the building. The former corrals shall be covered with flat roofs so the stone walls are more noticeable.