Raval Bescanó

The proposal’s starting point is a challenge how a 2 sided house with a courtyard can have its livable area extended without decreasing its courtyard size.

A double height porch is designed as a new façade. That space should link up with the attic so the outdoors sense of the courtyard flows towards the under roof room. The remaining rooms such the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen are laid out in 2 stories facing the pedestrian way.

From the courtyard the interior rooms are noticed as a scaled topography of two levels, ground and first floors. The interior rooms’ ceilings are floors added to the ground floor’s pavement.

The house is extended indeed by stretching and indoors courtyard into the former construction.

At the ground floor level the pavements and the walls as well are covered with green-grey concrete finish to achieve the sense the space flows from the exterior to the interior. Ceilings are white to get as much ambient light as possible and reach the same lightning level as the exterior.

The porch’s façade is a double skin wall done with glass and aluminum blind posts of different colors then the different textures of the garden are brought to the interior. That porch shall be able to be open in the summer time since the blinds and windows are designed to be folded. The aim is to achieve no fence between the house and the courtyard.